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Good Attendance is vital if your child is to achieve their full potential at school. Below is an example of how days off school can impact on overall attendance. It is also necessary that your child be in school every day. School day starts at 8.55am and after registration children go straight to planned activities. If they are late they miss the beginning of lessons and disturb the whole classes learning time.


We want to ensure that every child is in school each day. If your child is absent - for any reason, we can offer support to you by:

  • Helping with advice on routines both at bedtimes and in the morning to ensure that your child is punctual.
  • Organising an appointment with the School Nurse to discuss on going medical needs.
  • The Education Welfare Officer can also offer support and advice. 


The attendance target for our school is at least 96%


A year has 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months.

A school year has 195 days, 39 weeks and 6 half terms.

Five days in each school year are training days for teachers - INSET days.


Pupils attend school for 190 days.


A school day is divided into two sessions. A pupil therefore should attend 380 sessions.

One day off per school year means that a pupil has about 99.5% attendance.

Ten days off per school year means that a pupil has about 94.7% attendance,

90% attendance means 4 whole weeks off school.

17 days off school every school year means that your child will probably obtain a whole grade lower than they are really capable of.