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World Book Day.

World Book Day.  1 Wizards at work.
World Book Day.  2 Anyone seen Wolly?
World Book Day.  3 Children shared their favourite books.
World Book Day.  4
World Book Day.  5
World Book Day.  6
World Book Day.  7 Year 3 loved reading to children in our nursery.
World Book Day.  8
World Book Day.  9

Writing Instructions

Writing Instructions 1 How to make a fortune teller!
Writing Instructions 2
Writing Instructions 3
Writing Instructions 4

Following Instructions

Following Instructions 1 We loved following instructions.
Following Instructions 2 We tried to follow them correctly.
Following Instructions 3 If we did we ended up with a lizard card!

Newspaper reports

Newspaper reports 1 Children identified features of newspaper reports
Newspaper reports 2
Newspaper reports 3
Newspaper reports 4


Spelling 1 We love learning new spelling rules
Spelling 2 We sorted the words into sets

Harry Potter playscripts

Harry Potter playscripts 1 We acted out a scene from our class novel
Harry Potter playscripts 2