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Summer 1- 2018


In English this half-term your child will be looking at a range of text extracts, from a variety of genre, in preparation for the end of key stage reading and writing statutory assessments.

Grammar – revising all objectives, including tenses, word classes, punctuation, clauses and phrases.

Spelling- revising all previous rules.

Spring 2- 2018

In year 6, we understand the importance of reading writing and grammar. This half  term, we have looked at writing effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, selecting language that shows good awareness of the reader. Within narratives, we have  describe settings, characters and atmosphere, integrating dialogue in narratives to convey character and advance the action. We have ensured use verb tenses consistently and correctly throughout our writing.

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Spelling and Grammar activities

Spelling and Grammar activities  1
Spelling and Grammar activities  2
Spelling and Grammar activities  3
Spelling and Grammar activities  4

Using personification to create poetry

Using personification to create poetry 1
Using personification to create poetry 2