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Autumn 2- 2017

In Maths the main topics that will be covered are:


Multiplication and Division.


-Subtracting numbers to 100

- Missing number for subtraction (54-?=21)

· Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2,5 and 10 times tables.

· Recognising odd and even numbers

· Write the multiplication (X), division ( ) and equals (=) sign

· Solve word problems involving multiplication and division using repeated addition, mental methods, and multiplication and division facts

· Show that multiplication of two numbers can be done in any order and division of one number by another cannot


You can help by:

Making sure your child completes their maths homework given on Friday.

Chanting x2, x3, x10 and x5 tables.

Making sure your child can write numbers 12-100 correctly. Some  

children are still reversing digits e.g. 12 for 21.

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