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Place value

Place value 1 We used our place value skills today.
Place value 2 We solved a mystery.
Place value 3 The answers helped us to catch a criminal!
Place value 4 We answered different place value questions.
Place value 5 The first person to reach the end won!


Subtraction 1 We used column subtraction to play this game.
Subtraction 2 We checked each other's work.

Multiplication bingo

Multiplication bingo 1 We played multiplication bingo.
Multiplication bingo 2 We thought about the 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.


Multiplication 1 Year 3 have used bar modelling to represent multiplication
Multiplication 2 Repeated addition on a number line
Multiplication 3 Arrays to solve multiplication
Multiplication 4 Worked in groups to use the grid method
Multiplication 5 Matching question cards to the answer