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Summer 2

We really enjoyed working with lots of different equipment as we thought about shape. We worked on building our own 3D shapes with art straws, using cubes to build 3D shapes and looking at them from different orientations and recognising and naming lots of different 2D shapes. 

Summer 1- 2018

In Maths the main topics that will be covered are:

Measures – this topic will involve us looking at length, mass and capacity. We will learn to read different scales, solve problems linked to measures and comparing different measurements. The children will also think about money, paying for several items and giving change.

Perimeter: the children will learn how to calculate the perimeter of a variety of shapes. They will learn to take accurate measurements and make the appropriate calculations to find the perimeter.

Time: the children will learn how to tell the time, add hands to clocks and solve time word problems.

Shape: the children will learn about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and recognise that angles are also a property of a shape.

Statistics – using bar charts, pictograms and tables to interpret data and solving one and two step problems linked to these.


Time 1
Time 2
Time 3
Time 4

Coordinates and perimeter

Coordinates and perimeter  1 We drew a shape using coordinates.
Coordinates and perimeter  2 Then we worked out the perimeter of each shape.
Coordinates and perimeter  3
Coordinates and perimeter  4
Coordinates and perimeter  5
Coordinates and perimeter  6

Measuring using rulers and tape-measures

Measuring using rulers and tape-measures 1
Measuring using rulers and tape-measures 2
Measuring using rulers and tape-measures 3
Measuring using rulers and tape-measures 4
Measuring using rulers and tape-measures 5
Measuring using rulers and tape-measures 6
Measuring using rulers and tape-measures 7


Fractions 1 We have been thinking about equivalent fractions.
Fractions 2 Today we used fraction walls to help us.
Fractions 3


Division 1 Using numicon to see how many 3s are in 6
Division 2 Moving on to remainders...
Division 3
Division 4 Children then used the short (bus stop) method

Practical Division

Practical Division 1 We used cubes to help us learn about division.
Practical Division 2 We thought about remainders too.
Practical Division 3
Practical Division 4 We also used rods to show division sums.....
Practical Division 5 .....and it's inverse - multiplication.
Practical Division 6

Place value

Place value 1 We used our place value skills today.
Place value 2 We solved a mystery.
Place value 3 The answers helped us to catch a criminal!
Place value 4 We answered different place value questions.
Place value 5 The first person to reach the end won!


Subtraction 1 We used column subtraction to play this game.
Subtraction 2 We checked each other's work.

Multiplication bingo

Multiplication bingo 1 We played multiplication bingo.
Multiplication bingo 2 We thought about the 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.


Multiplication 1 Year 3 have used bar modelling to represent multiplication
Multiplication 2 Repeated addition on a number line
Multiplication 3 Arrays to solve multiplication
Multiplication 4 Worked in groups to use the grid method
Multiplication 5 Matching question cards to the answer