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Summer 2

Year 3 enjoyed a lovely trip to the mosque where we learnt all about the building and the importance of understanding other cultures within our community.

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Summer 1- 2018

In Religious Education the topic(s) for this half term will be "relating" - We will be looking at how the Eucharist helps us to live and grow in Communion as a Christian family. We will also be looking at "giving" – We will be looking at how Lent is a time of sacrifice and how suffering leads to New Life.

The Sacred Vessels

The Sacred Vessels 1 We loved learning new facts from Father Richard
The Sacred Vessels 2 He taught us about the sacred vessels
The Sacred Vessels 3 The paten
The Sacred Vessels 4 The chalice

Come and See

Come and See 1 We learnt about family life and being thankful.
Come and See 2 We learnt about the promises made at Baptism.
Come and See 3 We linked our topic of visitors to Christmas.
Come and See 4 Next we journeyed through the church Year.

Listening and Sharing

Listening and Sharing 1 Today we thought about sharing the good news.
Listening and Sharing 2 The children took on different roles.
Listening and Sharing 3 Then acted out the reading of the gospel.

Collective Worship

Collective Worship 1 We thought about how we can follow Jesus's example
Collective Worship 2