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Summer 1- 2018

Rocks, fossils and soils. We will be comparing and grouping together different kinds of rocks and soils. We will also think about naturally occurring rocks and their uses. The children will study how fossils are formed and even make a fossil of their own.

Light and shadows

Light and shadows 1 We enjoyed investigating shadows
Light and shadows 2 We moved the torch to see how the shadow changed
Light and shadows 3
Light and shadows 4

Forces and magnets

Forces and magnets 1 We measured force using a forcemeter.
Forces and magnets 2 We looked at how magnets attract and repel.
Forces and magnets 3
Forces and magnets 4 We searched for magnetic and non magnetic objects.
Forces and magnets 5 We found lots!

Animals and humans

Animals and humans 1 We drew around one of our group.
Animals and humans 2 Then added bones and labels to parts of the body.
Animals and humans 3 We sorted animals into different groups.
Animals and humans 4 Then tried to identify animals from skeletons.
Animals and humans 5 We even used art straws to create skeletons!
Animals and humans 6