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Miss Toner is the curriculum lead for Geography.
Mr Doyle is the link Governor.

Our Intent for our Geography Curriculum

Our Geography curriculum is designed to equip pupils with the knowledge and understanding about diverse places, people and resources within natural and human environments. Pupils will develop their geographical skills in order to carry out effective geographical enquiries.


Our Implementation for our Geography Curriculum

Our Geography lessons are based on big questions which are focused on throughout the year. Geography is taught discretely using the Rising Stars scheme of work. Pupils are given opportunities to lead their own lines of geographic enquiries and record their findings in a variety of ways. As well as completing work inside the classroom, field work is a key part of our Geography curriculum and allows pupils to apply their geographical skills in real-life settings.

In Key Stage 1, pupils investigate their local area and begin to learn about the wider world.

In Key Stage 2, pupils investigate their local area and a contrasting area around the world, finding out about the environment and the people who live there. Progression will be assessed through evaluation of your child’s written work and consideration of their responses and contributions to discussions.

Please refer to the geography long term plan for a breakdown of individual year groups. Class teachers deliver the geography curriculum throughout the year.


The Impact of our Geography Curriculum

Through our geography lessons, pupils should learn key vocabulary and be able to apply their geographical skills to a range of geographical enquiries. Specific skills will have been developed including:

  • Interpreting maps, atlases and globes
  • Identifying geographical features
  • Formulating questions and developing research
  • Consider the use of four and six figure grid references and ordinance survey maps



Professional Development

The effectiveness of the Geography curriculum will be evaluated in discussions with the Head teacher, teaching staff and the Geography coordinator. Resources, teaching methods, pupils’ experiences and needs will be identified and priorities for amendments to the policy and in- house support will be established.

Support is identified through:

  • School development planning
  • Curriculum review and evaluation
  • Coordinator needs
  • Individual needs

At The Trinity, we would like the children to have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Geography, therefore encouraging them to undertake new life experiences now and in the future.

Remote Learning
During this unprecedented time and this period of long term closure for the majority of our children, staff at The Trinity will continue to provide the best possible education and support to our children using remote learning (Seesaw). The wellbeing of our pupils and their families is the priority at this challenging time and therefore we promote the need for children to take regular breaks, get fresh air, exercise and maintain a reasonable balance between online engagement and offline activities. Whilst out on walks, take notice of how this could be affecting our planet. Make notes or sketches and discuss with your family.
We realise that the current circumstances will affect families in a number of ways. In our planning and expectations, we are aware of the need for flexibility. Some families will have limited access to technology, parents may be working from home or have several family members trying to access technology for different reasons. Bearing in mind the need for flexibility, no deadlines will be set and tasks shared will be able to be completed in a number of ways. However, we believe that it is in the best interests of our pupils that we continue to provide structured support to the best of our ability. Geography medium term plans have been adapted to ensure skills from previous lockdown are incorporated into current plans and some topics have been adjusted to adapt to our local area.

Geography Primary National Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2 Planning 2021

Autumn 1 Planning 2021

EYFS Geography

Detailed Plan KS1

Detailed Plan Lower KS2

Detailed Plan Upper KS2

SEN Connections – How do students with special educational needs connect with the world?

How to support your children at home.

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Some useful website links:

For understanding scale, compasses, direction and symbols -





Geography pupil voice (carried out during remote learning January 2021). The children were asked to complete a short survey to capture the pupils' thoughts about Geography and our curriculum and to make any adaptions if we feel necessary.

The children were asked to describe Geography using one word for pupil voice. They were placed into a word cloud.

Earth Day 2021- Restore Our Earth The theme of Earth Day 2021. The climate change and coronavirus pandemic have reminded us of the harm we've caused. Thus, we must Restore Our Earth not just because we care about the natural world, but because we live on it and we have to look after it.

Staff Development: Exploring geographical skills and knowledge! 🌎🔎 🗺