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Miss Sanders is the curriculum lead for History.

Mr Doyle is the link Governor.

Statement of Intent for History


To inspire children’s curiosity to learn about the past, and to learn from the past.

Implementation of History Curriculum


History at The Trinity is taught through timetabled specific lessons on a half termly basis, alternating with geography. The Rising Stars scheme of work is used for the delivery of history lessons. Each year group starts the topic with a question to investigate and then the topic culminates in a big finish. Details of each topic can be found in the above section. National Curriculum expectations along with key skills are used to assess children's progress in this subject. 

Impact of History Curriculum 


Through our history lessons, children will be taught key vocabulary linked to each topic. They will also acquire a range of skills including:


  • Chronological understanding
  • Knowledge and understanding of past events, people and changes in the past
  • Historical interpretation
  • Historical enquiry
  • Organisation and communication