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Staying safe online- Covid-19

As young people spend more time online there is also an increase in the chances they will see something online which isn't intended for them. Whether this is fake news, impersonation, or mean comments, there are lots of places you can go to for help and advice on how to report this behaviour. Together as a family you can also help prepare your children and build their critical thinking skills. Please use the following links below for support on how to use apps and websites safely.



Keeping your child safe online

(advice, information and common sense)



In school, internet safety is extremely high with a built in firewall, as well as procedures and restrictions to sites deemed too old or inappropriate for the age of the child. Monitoring and appropriate actions are taken swiftly if an incident happens.


At home it is equally important that parental settings and restrictions  are in place to keep children safe online. This can be quite challenging as adults often require a more open internet environment thus leaving access for children to browse adult related content.


Nothing is better for keeping your child safe online than on the spot parental guidance. Being present when your child is surfing the internet, playing games or just watching videos from Youtube etc is the best way to control your childs time and safety online.


However this is not always possible. Below are links to offer guidance on ways to ensure devices are set up to restrict certain actions and limit time online Remember nothing is 100% safe but with a little time and effort and you can make being online a little safer.


Windows 10 PC’s


Apple Mac OS






Remember that different versions of operating systems look slightly different but inherently work the same and it is worth persevering for the well-being of the whole family. 



Information regarding E-Safety and Online Gaming

In school we have policies and procedures in place to try and avoid any issues which may arise during use of the internet, however, we feel it is also the duty of parents and carers to be aware that a lot of E-safety issues arise outside school. We have links below where you can find online safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe online.


A link for Digital Parenting Magazine to read online or download a copy


If you require any help or information please phone school and arrange to speak to a member of staff.