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Dear Parents and Carers,

As in all Liverpool schools Attendance and punctuality are key priorities for The Trinity Catholic Primary School. 
Our school attendance target is (95%). If your child’s attendance is at or above this level and they are always in school on time then a huge well done for setting such a fine example.  As a whole school however we are not yet achieving this level so we are working together with the local authority and have agreed the following actions.

If your child is missing more than 15% of sessions in any half term for any reason whatsoever then they are classed as a persistent absentee, therefore:

Parents and carers will be contacted and asked to agree to an immediate improvement plan to increase attendance. Support can be offered where this is needed, but failure to fulfil the improvement plan and reach agreed targets will result in further action being taken. Options open to the school and the local authority include the use of legal enforcement in the Magistrates Court under Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 which may carry a financial penalty and a range of community sentences.

If your child’s attendance falls between 86% and (92%):

We will ask you into school and will expect you to agree to a Parenting Contract. The contract will agree targets and set out what we as a school,you as parents/carers and your child will all do to make sure attendance improves.  Failure to reach targets and not fulfil the actions agreed in the Contract may attract the issuing of a Penalty Notice by the local authority or in the matter progressing to the Courts.

If your child is unable to attend school because they are unwell:

We understand that sometimes illness or injury can prevent a child coming to school. We always ask that you telephone us on the first day of absence and then supply a note when your child returns to school. However If your child is on an improvement plan and legal action is being considered by the local authority you may be required to secure a Doctor’s Certificate for any such absences. If we have agreed a Parenting Contract with you we will need to see some additional evidence to support any illness-related absence such as a counterfoil from a prescription, a GP appointment card or some evidence that advice was sought from a Pharmacist.

If your child is late arriving at school:

The vast majority of our children arrive on time at 9am  for school every day. However some children are regularly late, missing the start of lessons and disrupting the learning of their classmates. If your child arrives after the Register has closed at 9.30am they will receive a mark but this will not count as an attendance. The parents and carers of any pupils who are regularly late like this can expect to receive a Penalty Notice which now costs £60 per child per parent. We are also working with the Police and local authority Truancy Watch Team who support schools on matters such as punctuality. They will be visiting us in this term and next and carrying out punctuality sweeps outside the school and in the local area. Please be aware that they will give no notice of this work and if your child is late you can expect to be contacted by the Team.

We know that you take your child’s future developments seriously and 
will understand why we have to take measures to improve attendance. Thank you for your co-operation and support.


                                                                      Ron Collinson
                                                                      Head of Attendance Services
                                                                      Liverpool City Council