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Communication to our School

Communication to our School

Our school has decided to install an automatic communication system that will allow you to contact us directly by text message. This will keep the school up dated with any general information such as the following or any other information you may need to provide us with.


* Your child is absent from school.

* A relative or friend is collecting your child.

* You’re collecting your child early.

* Changing an address or telephone number.

During busy hours the staff receive phone calls asking questions that are not of an urgent nature. By using Text Messages In you will help the school.


Your schools dedicated mobile number is: 07537 436327


You would just text this number normally just like texting friends and family, please confirm your child’s full name and class when texting the school.


We as the school will be able to text back using the system if you need a reply, however the aim is to free up time in the office, and is just another arm of communication between the parent and the school.


Yours sincerely