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Community Day

We will shortly be added photos shortly. Mason has written what he learnt on the day.

The Anthony Walker Foundation

The Anthony Walker Foundation were sad about what happened to an innocent young lad who had done nothing wrong. He was good but got called racist names shouted at him. It started small but turned big within a split second. It was inspiring for keeping away from the wrong crowd.

Members of Parliament

I learnt that MP’s have a tough job, they need to read hundreds of peoples letters a day about what they think about the community and things that they don’t like about it.

Before they can become an MP they have to get our votes. We can vote but only if you are over 18. You have to make a choice of picking the right person and the one who offers the best changes for your community and for the kids.

To become an MP you need a good education and patience to listen to people, if you don’t have patience with people you will lose the votes of your community.

The Old People

The old people were the best of the guest speakers. They told us stories about when they were kids. They would do jobs for old Nora, they would go and get her tobacco and she moaned about it being light. So one day they put sand in it to stop her moaning!

All of the old people had lots of stories to share with us. They were the funniest of all the speakers and the best. It must have been tough in their day as they had none of the xbox’s, PS3’s or phones that we have to play on.

The Community Officer

The community officier had a very hard job. They sometimes had to take kids from the ages of 10-13 years old for inappropriate behaviour on Facebook, Instagram and many other phone apps.

People could put a post up on a website like Instagram or any other phone apps but most of the time there is a possibility they are not who they say they are. If someone asked what school you go to never tell them your school, or the area you live in, your real name or your age. You are never sure if it is a stranger.

If you send someone a nasty name and delete it and you think it’s gone but someone still has it somewhere. Police can trace you and see what you are on. Your phone calls can be listened to by a huge police unit.