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Fixed Penalty Notice

Date: 30th June 2014.


Dear Parents/Carers,

As in all Liverpool schools attendance and punctuality are key priorities for The Trinity. Our school attendance target is 95%.  If your child’s attendance is at or above this level and they are always in school on time then a huge well done for setting such a fine example.


An area of our work with you on attendance that continues to concern us however is that of holidays taken in term time.  Despite the publicity from the Government and the Council about the change in the law last year we still have an unacceptably high number of families taking holidays in term time.  This is now one of the biggest barriers to our achieving our school targets. 


We know the damage time off school can do to a pupil’s schooling and have always encouraged parents not to take pupils out of school like this.  We routinely challenge such absences through the use of Penalty Notices but with the support of the City Council we are now looking to increase the focus on those pupils who still miss time through holidays.


As you understand, we cannot authorise any pupil leave.  Please be aware too that you will always be required to provide the school with proof if any such leave is claimed. If any pupil is still taken out of school without agreement we will review the case and ask the Council to apply a legal sanction.  Where a Penalty Notice has been used previously but the problem persists, we will be asking instead for the matter to now be processed directly for an appearance in the Magistrates Court.  Cases coming before the Courts can incur far higher fines than Penalty Notices plus a range of other sanctions.


This is not a decision we take lightly as a school.  I am sure however that everyone will appreciate the importance of this issue and that we have to use all available resources and powers to help our pupils maximise their time in our school.


Thank you


Mrs P Deus