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Headteacher's Awards - W/C 21st November

Reception(K) - Lennon Butler - For always being helpful, Holly Tidmarsh - For always trying her best.

Reception(SH) - Maggie Maloney - Trying hard with her numbers, Cissie Murphy - For beautiful singing.

Year 1(B) - Emmy Costello - For a brilliant effort in phonics, Zac Cummins - For brilliant simile work.

Year 1(T) - Kendie Wilson - For fantastic poetry writing, Abi Britnell - For brilliant number bond work.

Year 2(P)- Isobelle Howard-Ritson - Always having a smile, Bailey James - Always trying hard in Maths.

Year 2(E) - Joseph Ahmed - Fantastic work on Sealions, Georgie Dyer - working really hard during creative writing.

Year 3(H) - Bobby King - Fantastic effort in his writing, Kiera Kielty - Fantastic effort in her reading.

Year 3(Mc)- Lily Mai Cahill - Good manners, Sam Childs - Trying hard to improve his handwriting.

Year 4 (C) - Ellie Kielty - For her fraction work, Ryan King - For his fraction work.

Year 4(H) - Millie Kelly - Excellent effort in Literacy, Carl Fitzgerald - For his fraction work

Year 5 (B) - Lucy Furlong - Working hard in Numeracy, Maggie D'Arcy - Superb work on Grammar Hammer.

Year 5(S) - Remi Clarke-Adams - For a super big write, Vaughn Taylor - Great steps to improve in Numeracy.

Year 6 - Will Patten and Lily Boyle - For being perfect pupils and representing the school on a maths course. Jamie Fitzpatrick - For achieving his target and raising expectations and setting himself a harder goal.