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Parents questionnaire

Date: 21st January 2015


Dear Parent/Carers


Thanks to those of you who have responded online to the Ofsted questionnaire. The results are very pleasing. However a very small percentage say that behaviour, bullying and homework are not good enough. In the case of bullying most turn out to be arguments (cases of genuine bullying are always dealt with immediately and with severe consequences). May I please ask you to comment on the following school based questionnaire. We do have a very strict code of conduct and all reports of bullying are fully investigated. Homework is given regularly but feel free to comment further. If you have any suggestions as to how we can be even better please tell us; your views are of course anonymous.


Thank you for your support and your very valued opinions. Remember this is your school and as such your voice is welcomed and highly valued.


Please find attached questionnaire to fill out and pass back to the school office.




Mrs Deus



What do you think about your child’s homework? Please make a comment


Our strict code of conduct is known by all staff and children.

How do you feel that we could improve behaviour?


All bullying incidents that take place in school are dealt with immediately and reported to governors. Work is done with the bully and the victim.

What else do you think should be in place?

If you have any ideas on how we can make school even better in any area, please jot them down here.