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Results from questionnaire

Dear Parent/Carers,


Thank you so much to those of you who took part in the recent questionnaire. Your answers are below;

  • 21 people responded

  • 10 were completely happy and had no comments or suggestions


    5 would like more

    1 thinks it’s too much

    15 think homework is okay


    2 people want more rewards

    Majority think behaviour is good


    All the comments and suggestions made by 11 people are already part of our school policy.

    We regularly teach anti-bullying.         

    Further suggestions were;-                              

    1 person who is most concerned about car parking (I have yet again contacted the council).

    1 person is concerned about pupil progress, if this is you please make an appointment to see myself or your child’s teacher.

    1 person wanted more playground supervision. We already have more than recommended by law at both playtime and lunchtime.

    1 parent wants first aid for children, I will look into this.

    1 wants the website updated, this is done regularly by our IT specialist.

    1 would like summer school, so would we, however funding for this has been stopped.


    Rewards are part of our daily lives at The Trinity. We use stickers, star of the day, charts, certificates, class monitors, smiley awards, Headteacher’s awards, motivational postcards and badges at the end of every term. We also reward 100% attendance each term.

    Again many thanks; to those of you who requested more homework, please see your child’s teacher.


    Mrs Deus