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Safeguarding Audit

Below is a copy of our school Safeguarding Audit -

  • The school has robust policies and procedures to keep children safe and has gone beyond statutory requirements in respect of safeguarding training. It is evident that safeguarding procedures are embedded in the induction of new staff. Staff have had awareness training in respect of FGM and risks associated with the exploitation of children.


  • There is cover for the role of designated safeguarding lead and supervision arrangements are in place.
  • The school has completed the Local Authority 175 Safeguarding Audit, providing clear evidence of compliance with statutory guidance and duties. This is quality assured by governors who are presented with robust information regarding safeguarding and safety and behaviour. Governors’ minutes demonstrate scrutiny of the safeguarding data which is shared with them.
  • An examination of the single central record confirmed the school complies with DFE guidance. I would recommend that the Headteacher and chair of governors review this regularly.
  • An extended learning walk provided opportunity to visit all classrooms to talk to students and observe their exemplary behaviour and engagement in lessons. Whilst the focus of the learning walk was safeguarding, it was evident that students were thriving in response to well planned and engaging lessons. Students spoke freely about how much they enjoyed school and clearly felt happy and secure. The students had benefitted from a number of activities connected with keeping safe, including e-safety. The school curriculum is well developed to support students to keep safe and is a clear strength. This will be drawn upon by the Local Authority as an example of best practice.
  • The school provided significant evidence that students and parents over time feel that the children are both ‘happy and safe’ at The Trinity. Exclusions and incidents of serious misbehaviour, including bullying, are very low. The school works effectively to promote tolerance and respect for everyone. It recognises that children within the community are at risk form gang activity and provides opportunities to address this.
  • The school provides an ‘oasis’ within a significantly deprived community. The school’s ethos and culture, including its high expectations of young people, is having a marked impact on the young people’s aspirations. The Headteacher has a strong vision that every child will succeed regardless of their circumstances.
  • The school has been successful at maintaining improvements in attendance. It has robust procedures for checking on all pupils, including the most vulnerable.

  • There is a clear code of conduct for all staff and adults working in the school.


  • The school has developed a range of strategies and programmes to ensure that students develop the values of respect and tolerance, and this is reflected in their attitudes to themselves and others. The school was able to provide evidence that the curriculum and enrichment opportunities help young people to develop fundamental British Values.
  • The school was able to demonstrate its multi-agency partnership working to provide effective early help, working closely with others to engage vulnerable children and their families. .
  • Thank you again for your hospitality during the visit and your willingness to allow me to scrutinise your practices and systems. It is evident that safeguarding arrangements are highly effective and ‘safety and behaviour’ are outstanding.

  • Child protection records were kept securely and demonstrated effective practice. There was clear evidence that the school hands over its records to other schools as children move setting.

     Governors are fully involved in reviewing and developing policies, for example the school’s emergency plan.