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School Council

Date : 26th March 2019.


Dear Parent/Carer,


Can you please share this letter with your child. The letter has been written by the children who are members of the school council.


“ Dear fellow pupils,


We are writing to you about attendance and punctuality at The Trinity. We are writing to you because it has come to our attention that children are not achieving good attendance.  It is very important that you come to school every day because you will miss out on fun activities that your other school mates will be joining in on.  These include: learning new ways of writing interesting stories, solving problems in maths and feeling good about it, cool science investigations, fun P.E. lessons, school trips and so many other good things.  If your class gets the highest attendance, the whole class gets golden time on a Friday afternoon.

Remember: our teachers are here for us but they cannot teach an empty chair.


We would also like to talk about punctuality. Our job is to try and encourage you to come into school and be on time each day.  A lot of pupils have told us that when pupils who are late come into class, this can interrupt the learning of everyone else. (Do we think the pupils who are on time should be disrupted?) Also, how can you understand what to do when you have missed part of the lesson?

Remember: be in line by 10 to 9.


Finally, please remember that attendance and punctuality affect your ability to earn the Reward Day at the end of term. We all hope that you understand that being in school and being in on time are crucial if you are going to be successful in school”.


Kind regards



The Trinity School Pupil Council.