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Swine Flu information

Date : 26th January 2016.


Dear Parent/Carers,


Please find below a letter received today from Public Health England.

It has today been confirmed by health authorities that there are no cases of Swine Flu in this school.


Seasonal flu is circulating in the North West


PHE North West reminds people that seasonal flu is currently circulating in our community, and the current flu vaccine is a good match for this year’s common strains. One of this year’s common strains is the same strain that first circulated throughout the world in 2009 and was previously called swine flu.


Swine flu was the unofficial name given to a specific strain of influenza in 2009. It is now circulating each year and considered a normal seasonal flu strain.


Because this strain has been circulating since 2009, the proportion of people with some degree of immunity, either naturally-acquired or through vaccination, has been rising. As a result, this strain is now regarded as one of a number of seasonal flu strains. If you’ve had flu in the past six years, it’s quite possible this strain was the culprit.


The good news is that the circulating strains are a good match for this season’s flu vaccine.


The vaccine is still the best protection against flu and PHE North West urges all those eligible for the vaccine who have not had the jab to get it as soon as possible.

Thank you


Mrs P Deus