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Dear Parent / Carer

In recent years, Ten Ten has been visiting your school to work with your children. We are an award-winning theatre company with a Catholic ethos in primary and secondary schools throughout the UK.

Whilst our core work is still rooted in helping children grow in relationship with family, their community and with God, this year we are also responding to Pope Francis' invitation to enter the Year of Mercy. Pope Francis recently said:

"The family is the first school children attend, it is the unwavering reference point for the young. I would add that it is also the first school of mercy, because it is there that we have been loved and learned to love"

During our visit, we will explore the theme of "mercy". We would like to invite you to join us for a 15-minute assembly at the start of the day with the children, led by Ten Ten. It will take place at the following time: 9.10 am on Thursday 20th October 2016 at The Trinity Catholic Primary School.


Can you please inform the school office if you would like to attend.


We look forward to meeting you


The TenTen team.