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Vandalism at school

1st April 2016.


Dear Parents / Carers,


During the last week we have suffered large scale vandalism to the school.  Our nursery and reception play area has been very seriously damaged.  The cost of the repair will be huge!  Our Site Managers found a great many silver gas holders.  My concern is that if we miss one a small child may find it!  Other areas of the school have been destroyed.


I would like to remind parents and the community that this is YOUR school and it has cost many thousands of pounds to provide such an excellent outside environment.  This is to make sure that your children have the very best facilities.


The police have footage of the youths doing the damage and they will prosecute.  The Governors have instructed the police to prosecute any child/youth who come onto the premises outside school hours.  Please help us to protect our school.  If you see anyone on site or doing damage please phone 0151 6527500 or 07972742946.


Attached are some photos of recent damage to our Early Years play area.

Enjoy your 2 week break.  School returns on Monday 18th April and you decide when your

child, weather permitting, should wear summer uniform.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs. P. Deus