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Our School Day


Morning Arrival

This is currently staggered due to current advice on adjustments to schools in light of the pandemic

Teachers in  Reception, Y1 , Y3 and Y5  collect their classes from the playground at 8:45am. Y2, Y4 and Y6 collect their classes from the playground at 9am, along with any siblings from Reception,Y1,Y3 or Y5. Nursery children enter directly through the Nursery door after 8:30am. Parents/carers are asked to make sure that their children are on time, as arriving late can be upsetting for the children and can disrupt the smooth running of their classes. If, however, a child is late, the parent/carer should take their child to the office for registration and then go to their class entry door to be taken into class.


Afternoon Collection

This is currently staggered due to current advice on adjustments to schools in light of the pandemic

School finishes at 3pm for Reception,Y1,Y3 and Y5 and at 3.15 pm for Y2, Y4 and Y6. All classes are dismissed by their teachers, who hand children over to their parents/carers who are collecting them. In the interests of safety, if a parent/carer has given permission for their child to walk home, the school needs to be informed of this. Any child not met by 3.20pm will have their parent phoned and they will be supervised until collected.




Children are encouraged to bring a refillable bottle for water during the day and milk is given to Foundation Stage and those in Key Stage 1. Fruit is given out daily to EYFS and KS1 pupils.


Attendance and Punctuality


Good attendance is very important for every child and it is a responsibility shared by parents/carers, children and staff. Through regular attendance pupils gain both educationally and socially, by taking a full part in school life with their friends.


We need to ensure that pupils attend school as regularly as possible - every day really matters.  It may be necessary for children  to be absent due to illness or for some other reason.  In this event, parents/carers are asked to inform the school by telephone as soon as possible.


Punctuality, too, is very important: children who arrive late, are missing vital sections of their own education and, disrupt that of other pupils. If a child needs to leave school early due to a medical appointment, parents/carers are requested to tell the school in advance.  On the day of the appointment , parents/carers  should report to the school office where they will be asked to sign their child out of school.


Holidays in school time are not allowed, by law, except under exceptional circumstances. Good attendance is rewarded both weekly and termly. 


All parents/carers are provided with a copy of the school's Attendance and Punctuality Policy.