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Introducing our School Council 2019-2020

***Latest News***


11th March 2019


A group of School Council representatives met to collate ideas for a letter designed to encourage positive attitudes toward attendance.  Ideas will be collated for the final letter.  School Council as a whole will next meet on Monday 18th March.




8th March 2019


A meeting was held to discuss the letter School Council will write to encourage improvements in attendance at The Trinity.  It was agreed that a working party would meet on Monday 11th March to discuss further ideas for this letter.  School Council logo design was discussed and final agreement will take place on Friday 15th March.  Badges to distinguish School Council members were discussed.  The design and colour of these badges are unavailable and so an alternative was proposed and agreed.



1st March 2019


A meeting was held this week to discuss the School Council's priorities for this half term.  First on the agenda was a discussion about attendance.  A letter to pupils will be written by the School Council to encourage pupils to 'be on time at 5 to 9'.  The School Council will also produce posters to encourage attendance at our school.


School Council have decided on a badge for pupils to wear to distinguish them as members.  Pupils are also keenly working on designs for the branding of The Trinity School Council.  This is yet to be finalised.


The next meeting has been set for Friday 8th March.




The first meeting of The Trinity School Council was held on Monday 4th February.  Children introduced themselves to each other and decided what the main priorities would be in the next half term.  The School Council decided that attendance was a priority and will be working on improving this across the school.  School Council also agreed that it will require fresh branding and so a new logo will be discussed at the next meeting.


Next meeting: Monday 25th February 2019.


The School Council is comprised of children from across key stage 2.


The role of the School Council is to represent their peers and give them a

a voice on matters that affect their lives in our school.  School Council helps

pupils at The Trinity to understand some of the British Values we hold in our

society, such a democracy.


Following a democratic election in spring 2019, the following pupils are members of the School Council. 




Mikey, Lexie, Luana and Brayden



Lilly, Harry, Joseph and Shaz



Festus, Gabrielle, Nancy and James



Darcy, Kenzie, Nathan and Clara