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Year 1

Exploring paper

Emotions Portaits

Colour Mixing

Y1 Art: The children have really enjoyed mixing primary colours today.

Y1 Art: The children have been drawing lines and talking about colours to express emotions.

Year 1 manipulated different natural materials to create pieces of work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. ðŸŠĩ🍂ðŸŠķ

The children created swirls and curves after observing the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

The children recreated pathways in the style of Andy Andy Goldsworthy using wooden blocks.

Summer 1- Andy Goldsworthy- The children were recreating the colour wheel using fruit. ðŸĨðŸĨ­ðŸ…🍎🍏

Our big finish for our paper sculpture topic art ðŸŽĻ

Paper sculpture at home and school

Our colour monster display.

Our big finish in Art. We made colour monster head bands and had so much fun this half term in this topic.

Lines and colour to create texture. ðŸŽĻ👌🏞

Working with lines and how our emotions can affect the way we sketch. We have also been looking at shading and fading colours.

Autumn 2020- The children have been learning about colour wheels and mixing primary and secondary colours.

Mixing colours to achieve warm colours

Year 1 have loved getting messy whilst learning about which primary colours mix together to make secondary ones

Year 1 have been very creative using paint and oil pastels to create a piece of art in the style of Kandinsky ðŸŽĻ🖌