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Year 1

Spring Term

Investigating programmable toys and algorithms.

Year 1 thinking about all the different ways they go online, as part of Safer Internet Day 2021

Year 1 have been coding a character so they can reach a set of objects.

Autumn Term

Bee-bots! We enjoyed programming a Bee-bots to move in the directions our partners were instructing.

Year 1 have designed their own digital robot and created their own algorithms in preparation for using the 'bee bots'.

Year 1 have been recognising and sorting Hardware and Software using QR Codes

Scanning QR codes to find the animals.

Using the app Foldify to create an image and bring it to life!

Year 1 have been creating their own digital music using the app Garage band.

Year 1 have been exploring how to be safe online. We watched a video about a Penguin called Smartie and discussed what is meant by personal information.