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Year 2

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Hello and welcome to Year 2.

Your class teachers are Mrs Park and Ms Pimenta


Summer 1


This half-term our theme is 'Growth’.  This theme will be underpinning the learning across all subject areas.  


English this half-term your child will be learning about:

‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket

This term we will be reading ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket.  The children will have the opportunity to further develop their skills, including using subordinating conjunctions and past and present progressive tenses in their writing, using a range of punctuation.  Using the text as a starting point, we will be writing for a range of purposes including making predictions, writing a story, performing and writing our own non-rhyming poetry.

Reading is a big focus for Year 2, through daily RWI phonics lessons and guided reading sessions.  We love reading and we always make time in class for children to share their favourite stories.  We encourage parents to read for just ten minutes daily with their children and sign their reading record books so that children can earn house points in class.  



In the summer term we will be covering a range of topics including time, statistics and geometry.

The children will be learning to tell time to the hour, half hour and 5 minutes.  They will write time including hours and days and compare durations of time. In statistics we will be surveying our classmates and using tally charts, pictograms and bar charts to represent our results.  We will be interpreting data and reading varying scales.

In geometry children will name 2D and 3D shapes and identify the corners, sides, edges, faces and vertices.  We will be drawing shapes and identifying lines of symmetry within them.  We will be making patterns with 3D shapes.

We will also be reinforcing children’s understanding of basic skills throughout the year focussing on:

  • Doubling and halving Fractions – dividing into equal groups
  • Recognising coins
  • Half past and o’clock time
  • Turns and describing position
  • Multiplication and division (make equal groups and redistribute unequal to equal groups)

In Religious Education, the topic(s): for this half-term will be:

Spread the Word: Children will learn about the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is celebrated at Pentecost.  Children will talk about the importance of spreading the Good News during our topic ‘Spread the Word’.

Year 2 will explore the importance of rules and how they can help us at home and in school.  We will also learn about the reasons for rules in the Christian Family in our topic ‘Rules’. 


Science – Plants – This half-term, children will be  developing their knowledge of Plants by exploring different seeds and bulbs.  We will investigate what plants need to grow healthily and keep a record of the growth of our bean plants and sunflowers. Our Scientist this half-term is Joseph Banks, an English Botanist.


History – Holidays – Year 2 will be interviewing family members to learn about what holidays were like in the past.  Children will also be looking at secondary historical artefacts to see what they tell us about holidays in the past and compare them to holidays in the present day. They will use this information to write a postcard describing a trip that could have taken place in the 1950s.  The Big Finish will be to reconstruct a seaside holiday from the 1950s. 


Design and Technology – Puppets – Year 2 will investigate a range of puppets and their features. They will experiment with various fabrics to create their own finger puppets.  They will develop their sewing skills in order to design, make and evaluate their own glove puppets.


Computing – Audiobook – Children will create their own audiobook.  This will include writing their book, creating digital illustrations and recording themselves reading their story. They will use online sketchbooks and related apps to develop their digital illustrations and type out their stories.  Year 2 will also learn how to publish their stories to share with a wider audience.  secure and how to create a password that is difficult to guess.  


RSHE – Jobs – Children will investigate different jobs that exist in the community.  Each week Year 2 will explore different professions and interview people from a range of jobs.  At the end of the unit, we will discuss what interests and qualities children have and they will investigate a job they are interested in and how they would get there.


PE – Kicking and Dribbling – Children will learn how to travel with a ball and improve their aim when shooting at targets using both their feet and a hockey stick.

 Year 2 PE day is Tuesday.


Music – Christmas Music - Learning the song “Friendship Song” by Joanna Mangona focusing on pulse, rhythm and keeping in time.



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