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Year 2

Spring Term

Year 2 have been exploring ways we can keep safe online and whether we should trust everything we read and see online.

Autumn Term

Year 2 have been focusing on their Digital Literacy skills by looking at ways we can communicate online and who we can communicate online with. This has become a important part of our lives during the Covid pandemic which the children drew inspiration from.

Year 2 have been looking at positive communication online and how this makes people feel. Using their digital books they created, we published our work onto Seesaw and posted positive comments to each others work..

Year 2 have been using QR codes to scan and classify images that are hardware and images that our software.

Year 2 have been writing their own algorithms and 'Debugging' when testing them with a partner.

Year 2 have been exploring the camera app on the iPad. We have been focusing on how to zoom and identify good and bad images we take. We linked this with our science topic looking at plants and the world around us.

Year 2 have been identifying different types of software and designing their own game.