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Year 3

Year 3’s Spring term focussed on what keeps us safe. This linked to current news with the development of the vaccine and gave children a foundation of knowledge on how medicines when used correctly help keep us safe.  They looked at everyday hygiene routines, hazards and how to respond in an emergency. This whole topic was covered using our blended learning approach.

Autumn 2 - Reasons to be Cheerful

During Reasons to be Cheerful, year 3 celebrated what makes a community. They explored how they belong to different communities and what is meant by a diverse community. 

Autumn 1 - Brave New World

During Brave New World, the children in year 3 focussed on the rules and laws in our society. They linked these to responsibilities and their new found responsibilities during Covid-19. They also focussed on friendships after a long period of time not in school, they looked at what makes a friend and ways to resolve falling out with friends.