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Year 3

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Hello and welcome to Year 3. 

Your class teachers this year are Mrs Heraty and Mr Pleavin


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Spring 2


English this half-term your child will be learning about:

'Kaspar, Prince of Cats' by Michael Morpurgo.

We will be investigating themes and issues, relating them to the historical context of the book. We will be considering the questions ‘Is it fair that the wealthy were allowed on the lifeboats first?’. We will then produce descriptive writing and journalistic writing. Grammar Focus – conjunctions, speech, present perfect tense.


In Maths the main topics that will be covered are:

Measurement: Length and Perimeter • Measure length • Equivalent metres and cm • Equivalent mm and cm • Compare lengths • Add lengths • Subtract lengths • What is perimeter? • Measure perimeter • Calculate perimeter


Fractions • Make equal parts •Recognise ½, ¼, 1/3 • Find ½, ¼, 1/3 • Unit fractions • Non-unit fractions • Equivalent of 2/4 and ½ • Counting in fractions • Making a whole • Tenths and counting in tenths • Tenths and decimals


In Religious Education the topic(s) for half-term will be:

Eucharist - Relating We will be looking at the order of Mass, identifying the different parts and the importance and symbolism in them


Lent /Easter - Giving All We will be looking at the importance of giving, particularly during Lent. We will then think about how giving is not always easy but we look to Jesus as an example.



Light • Recognise that light is needed to see things • Notice that light is reflected from surfaces • Use a mirror to reflect light • Recognise the dangers of sunlight • Investigate materials which block light to form shadows • Finding patterns in the way that shadow sizes change



Where on Earth Are We?

• Making a globe highlighting the land and sea and marking key features • Describing where places are on the surface of the earth • Understand what the lines on maps and globes mean • Understand why we have day and night • Discuss time zones • Understand coordinates




We will be researching the purpose of a greenhouse. We will look at the features and materials that could be used. We will design and build a greenhouse and then evaluate it.



How can we use technology to communicate? • Who should we communicate with when we are using technology? • How should I behave online? • Can technology impact on your health? • How can I create a positive online reputation? • Can you use the worldwide web to identify a mystery person?



Why should we keep active and sleep well?

• Discuss opportunities to be active during lockdown • Good and bad habits and the risks of inactive lifestyle • Benefits of sleep and routines • Benefits of the internet and balancing time online



Gymnastics • Perform some basic jumps • Demonstrate shapes whilst in the air • To develop knowledge of take off and landing • To change direction whilst jumping


Music - Trumpets to be in school for Thursday- Practice notes and scales on trumpet



The world Around Us Greeting and numbers 1-10 Days of the week