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Year 3

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Summer 2


English this half-term your child will be learning about:

"The World’s Worst Children," by David Walliams.

We will focus on several of the short stories and each week the children will develop their skills of prediction, summarising, writing for different purposes, grammar and comprehension. All children will be encouraged to write in cursive script using pen where appropriate and to punctuate their work correctly.

We will also continue to write longer pieces linked to the genres already studied this year and our different curriculum topics.




In Maths the main topics that will be covered are:

Measures – this topic will involve us looking at length, mass and capacity. We will learn to read different scales, solve problems linked to measures and comparing different measurements. The children will also think about money, paying for several items and giving change.

Perimeter: the children will learn how to calculate the perimeter of a variety of shapes. They will learn to take accurate measurements and make the appropriate calculations to find the perimeter.

Time: the children will learn how to tell the time, add hands to clocks and solve time word problems.

Shape: the children will learn about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and recognise that angles are also a property of a shape.

Statistics – using bar charts, pictograms and tables to interpret data and solving one and two step problems linked to these.




In Religious Education the topic(s) for half-term will be:

Serving – Your child will be describing and making links between the Pentecost story and Christian belief in the power of the Holy Spirit.



Science Plants – this half term we will begin to study our topic of plants. The children will study the parts of the plant and their purposes. We will look at this more in depth by carrying out experiments to prove what happens when we change the conditions the plant is grown in. We will also all get the opportunity to grow a plant of our own to take home.


History – Local History – We will focus on how our local area has changed over time, included in this we will be looking at Victorian Liverpool. We will use our research skills to answer questions, explain how Liverpool has changed over time and find similarities and differences between different historical periods.


Art – Liverpool past and present – We will be studying and recreating pictures of old industrial Liverpool looking at street scenes as well as local landmarks. We will then move on to look at two very different artists - Lowry and his industrial pictures then local artist Tula Moon and her modern work depicting famous Liverpool landmarks using pattern.


PE – the children will continue to work with the coaches from the LFC foundation thinking about teamwork and using new skills to help them with a selection of activities and games.


Spanish –This half term the children will start working with our new Spanish teacher. They will learn lots of new basic vocabulary through games, speaking and listening tasks and songs.