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Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3. 

Your class teachers this year are Mrs Heraty and Mr Pleavin


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Spring 2


English this half-term your child will be learning about:

'Kaspar, Prince of Cats' by Michael Morpurgo.

We will be reading ‘Kaspar, Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo. We will be investigating what life would have been like on the Titanic and the events that occurred. We will be looking at journalistic writing culminating in wiring a newspaper report about the sinking of the Titanic. All children will be encouraged to write in cursive script using pen where appropriate and to punctuate their work correctly.


In Maths the main topics that will be covered are:

Measurement/ Length and perimeter

  • Measuring length
  • Equivalent lengths - m and cm and mm and cm
  • Comparing lengths
  • Adding and subtracting lengths
  • Measure and calculate perimeter


Number/ fractions 

  • Making a whole
  • Tenths – counting, decimals
  • Fractions on a numberline
  • Fractions of a set of objects


In Religious Education the topic(s) for half-term will be:

Lent-Giving: Children will explore how life, especially family life, or life in school, is full of opportunities for self-giving. We will look at when children are young, parents have to do everything for them and sacrifice their own needs for those of their children.  We will think about the quality of the parents’ loving care lays the foundation for their children to grow into people capable of giving love to others.


Science Light – this half term Children will be exploring light sources and how we see things. We will investigate how shadows are formed and what reflections means. We will also look at the eye and how our eyes process light to see various objects. Further study will be looking at reflective materials and how these materials help us see objects and people in the dark.


Geography- Where on Earth are we? - Children will be using their enquiry skills to locate countries and continents in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. We will also be looking at a compass and using the 8 point of the compass to build their knowledge of the wider world. Further study will be looking at the imaginary lines used on a map (Equator, International Date Line, Tropics) to pinpoint global locations. 


DT – Moving Monsters – In this topic children will be researching and evaluating current products focusing on their pneumatic systems and how we make them move. They will also be designing and creating their own moving monsters using their knowledge of pneumatic systems to design and build successful Moving Monsters. Further study will be evaluating their Moving Monster and focusing on what they like and dislike about their product and what they would change and improve if they created one again. 


Computing - Keyboard adventures - In this topic, the children will master the art of using a keyboard and short cuts with a series of fun activities. Children will be using their computing skills to enhance and support all areas of learning as well as becoming master typists!


PSHE - Children will learn about what makes up a balanced diet.  They will think about opportunities they have to make their own choices about food and what influences their choices. 


PE  Badminton and Tennis - Children will explore how to play racket sports: serving with a ball or shuttlecock and returning it with a racket. Year 3 P.E day is Thursday


Music - Trumpets to be in school for Thursday- The children will continue to work with the Resonate music teacher in practicing their trumpet skills. In these sessions children will also studying music from around the world and learning how to sing in two parts. Children will also be practicing their Listen and Appraise skills through various musical activities.


Spanish – Animals and home environment - This half term the children will be learning about Zoo Animals: Descriptions [singular adjectival agreement], Dear zoo story [join in with simple, repetitive sentences], 1 – 39 [count in 2s]