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Year 4

Year 4 beginning their journey on Small steps to Peace with the Warrington Peace foundation.

Small Steps will help young learners:

  • understand the causes of conflict, how it can be driven by diverse needs and wants and how it can be entrenched between in-groups of ‘us’ and out-groups of ‘them’
  • understand the impact of conflict, gaining awareness of how they and others feel in conflict situations and the consequences of violence
  • develop active listening skills
  • build emotional intelligence, recognising and regulating their own emotional responses, empathising with others, and growing their confidence and capacity to communicate
  • practice problem-solving in creative ways and in collaborative group settings.

Autumn 2020

During our Brave New World topic (Autumn 1), we wanted to remind ourselves of our sense of community within the classroom and created an Our Class display. During Reasons to be Cheerful (Autumn 2) we built on this and celebrated our strengths, skills and achievements.