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Year 4

In our geography lesson, Y4 used different maps to locate the famous twin volcanoes in Mexico (Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl). They also learned about the folk story and researched key facts about them 🌎🌋🌋

Year 4 finished their Geography on rivers and the water cycle by using ordinance survey maps to draw out the River Mersey and label its key features #trinitygeography

Blended Learning: Y4 Geography: The children have been looking at where water comes from and have created their own posters.

Y4 Geography: The children for the topic of Rivers and the Water Cycle, have been following the River Thames from source to mouth. #Blendedlearning

Geography Blended learning 🌍

4D locating Brazil and looking at the physical features. We will then compare a location in Brazil to Minneapolis in Minnesota👍🇧🇷🌎🦜💃

Autumn 1 2020- The Americas- with links to a road trip to Minneapolis. In our geography lesson, Y4D used Digimaps to locate the area where George Floyd was killed. We then researched some of the amazing things that the musician Prince did, and his estate continues to do after his death, for the state of Minnesota

Blended Learning Summer 2020 Volcanoes and Earthquakes: The children have been researching volcanoes and earthquakes during home learning and created a mini project with their findings. 🌋🌎

Y4Da learning about rainfall on different surfaces around the school grounds in their geography lesson

Y4Da used atlases and satellite maps to locate some of the world’s most famous mountain ranges. Once located, they then researched key facts such as the country/continent they belong to, their highest peak and the average climate🌏🏔🌊

Y4 at CHET! We loved exploring the outdoors and den building! We also used our orienteering and mapping skills to locate our destination!