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Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed researching the causes of avalanches.

Year 5 enjoyed explaining why they designed their house this way for the Alps.

Spring 1: Year 5 enjoyed looking at data to tell them about the weather in the Alps. They looked at rainfall, sunshine and temperatures.

Autumn 2 2020 Year 5 enjoyed looking at maps from the past and comparing them to today.

Year 5 enjoyed finding human and physical features of the UK using different types of maps.

Year 5 finding and recognising places on maps of different scales for their study of The Alpine Region.

Autumn 2 2020. After completing our research of Bramley Moore Dock, we decided to design our own eco friendly football stadium. @Everton @PeoplesProject_ #trinitygeography 🌎

Autumn 2 2019. Year 5 had a great morning presenting their work of regeneration to Everton Football Club, followed by a stadium tour and goody bags. Thanks to the staff at Goodison.

Year 5 are enjoying using map skills to find topographical features of the U.K.