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Year 5

Spring Term

Year 5 have been looking at online bullying, offering advice to people and learning about what they can do if they see bullying online or experience it themselves.

For Safer Internet Day 2021, we looked at various scenarios and debated whether we should trust the information that is online or if we should check it first.

Year 5 have continued to focus on the internet in particular how to have a positive relationship with technology and how to use it safely.

Year 5 have been thinking about why people post certain things on the internet. We also discussed what is safe to view on the internet and if we can trust everything we read.

Year 5 have been exploring the importance of strong passwords and how to prevent passwords being exposed and breached.

The children have enjoyed creating levels for their game during Computing.

Autumn Term

Today, Year 5 have been using their recorded footage on the iPad's to import and begin creating their short film using PowerPoint and then adding audio to it or using an application called iMovie.

Year 5 have been using the iPad's to begin filming their short film about how school has changed and the safety measures in place to stop the spread of Covid-19. Today we looked at how to recreate various shots such as close up, medium shot and full shot.

Year 5 have been creating a storyboard for their short film about the impact Covid-19 has had on schools and how our school has changed, including the safety measure that have been put in place.

Year 5 have been exploring the application Scratch Jr. Today we focused on making our sprite move. We had to de bug our programmes after testing and realising that parts of it did not execute correctly.