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Year 6

Reasons to be Cheerful & Hope

Throughout Autumn 2 and Spring 1, year 6 have been exploring how can we keep healthy as we grow. They looked at how our physical and mental health are linked and how to make choices that support a healthy, balanced lifestyle including 

- how to stay physically active

- how to plan a healthy meal

 - how to look after their dental health

- healthy and unhealthy habits

- how sleep contributes to a healthy lifestyle. 


During Spring 1, this topic has been taught using our approach to blended learning. Children examined what are legal and illegal drugs. They examined how mixed messages about drugs can influence people. 

Autumn 1 - Brave New World

During our Brave New World topic, year 6 focussed on their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions. They looked at how anyone can be affected by mental ill-health and how difficulties can be resolved. The children examined how change can mean people experience feelings of loss and reflected on the changes of lockdown.