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Science: bird beaks and evolution

Dividing fractions challenge- some answers are equivalent fractions!

V.E. Day 75th Anniversary Resource and Challenges

English additional independent writing activities

R.E. activities Pentecost (not to be fully completed in one attempt!)



During this difficult time, as a staff (including many with their own children) we all understand that parents will be anxious to see that their children are continuing to learn.  With the small amount of time we had to do this before school 'closed' and with the advantages brought about by technology, we have been able to give children a range of resources to access.  We have provided work packs with plenty of tasks to complete.  These will work best when an evenly-paced and a sensible, realistic approach is taken to what children can do whilst working at home.  The work packs are only one element of learning during this time: Seesaw has regular activities posted, there will be appropriate resources posted on our school website and also shared via our Twitter page.  The children also have access to several online platforms that are regularly updated.  When children are not able to access these, we will do our best to accommodate this (as we would do under 'normal' circumstances).


First and foremost in our work, the wellbeing of our pupils -everything we would define as 'safeguarding'- is paramount and will never take second place to the numerous demands on their minds during school time.  Therefore, it is important that children are primarily kept safe and reassured, whilst not hidden from the fact that this is an extremely unusual time in our world history.  We must all do our best to ensure that they are cared for, comfortable and in the correct place emotionally for learning to take place.  This would be true no matter what we face as a society. 


I sincerely wish the very best to you, your family and everyone around you.


Thank you,


Mr Sinnott


Welcome to Year 6.

Miss Bedson, Mr Sinnott, Mrs Maher, Mrs Georgeson, Miss Connor


Year 6 is an extremely important year where we value every individual and work as a team. The children are encouraged to try their best and are given every opportunity to reach their full potential and create some memorable experiences.

This year we have a great deal of new learning to undertake, as well as revise all of our previous learning in preparation for our SATs. In Year 6 we ensure all our learning focuses on our school values to ensure our pupils become more determined, resilient, empowered, appreciative and motivated learners. Following the core values will enable them to flourish and give them the skills to be lifelong learners.

Our pupils mature so much during Year 6 and they thoroughly enjoy the added responsibility Year 6 brings. Younger pupils look up to us and we encourage Year 6 pupils to be excellent role models. I would like to thank all parent/carers for your valued support and I am sure this will yet again be another enjoyable and successful year.

Spring: We went out to our local area to see the how it is being damaged.

Spring: Fractions, decimals and perentages- Can you find the equivalents?

Spring: It was really tricky trying to work out how to complete the circuit.

Spring: We really enjoyed lookng at different minerals as part of our Geography topic: Are we damaging our world?

Autumn: We loved our reward trip!

Autumn: Writing letters to our Global Partnership friends

Autumn: We discoverd how the heart passes blood around the body.

We started our year with a trip to Acorn Park.

Year 6 curriculum map spring 2020

Year 6 parent meeting Powerpoints Thursday 12th September