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Year 6

Year 6 planning their own campaigns about their chosen environmental issue.β™»οΈπŸ—ΊπŸŒ

Y6 are preparing resources for a stop motion animation about shifting cultivation. 🌍

Spring 1 (2021) The Amazon -Remote Learning -Y6 are studying "The Amazon" this half-term. Yesterday, we asked how different animals have adapted to the climate and conditions of the rainforest. Here are some examples of in-class and remote learning. #trinitygeography

Year 6's field trip from Tuesday afternoon aimed to observe, measure and record features in the local area. Their focus was Eldon Grove. Y6 were intrigued by its history, mock Tudor architecture, listed status and given insights (with photos) by local residents. The children also used measuring (trundle) wheels to take group measurements of the perimeter and work out an average. Back in class, they began to sketch from images taken during the trip. It was amazing to see such interest in something that is 'on their doorstep!’

Autumn 1 2020- 6B had fun using our new map symbol cards. We then looked at using six-figure grid references which was quite tricky at first!

We had a great morning exploring our local area, asking ourselves "are we damaging our world?” We walked down to our local canal and we were shocked at our findings... Please help save our environment! 🌏

Year 6 made their own Amazon Rainforests for their closing Geography lesson. They created the perfect rainforest before talking about deforestation. They then predicted what our rainforests will look like in the future.