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Year 6

Spring Term

Year 6 have been learning about what is needed to be safer when using the internet.

Year 6 have become international spies by designing their own wearable gadget. They then created their own advert to accompany their gadget.

Year 6 have been using the application CoSpaces to create their own AR game. By using this application the children were able to create anything in 3D using the interactive creation tools.

Y6 enjoying their VR experience.

Autumn Term

Year 6 have created a design brief for their piece of digital music to accompany a game. The children also evaluated their piece.

Year 6 have become digital music composers, learning about how music is created digitally. The children then produced their own piece using the application Garageband

Year 6 have been listening to different pieces of music in preparation form producing their own digital piece. We have been looking at different genres and what music would accompany that piece of media.

Year 6 have been looking at QR codes and how they can be used to enhance learning. The children used QR codes to create tally charts.